Tattoo Fun For Everyone


Have you ever been to a gathering thinking "Yay! I finally get to hangout with my friends." But then there is someone about two and a half feet tall pulling on your pant leg or pulling on their pant leg? And by the time you take care of all of them, the party's over, adults are exhausted and it's time to go home- and you're thinking "WAIT! We didn't even get a chance to talk!"

Tattoo Fun For Everyone is PERFECT for these situations. We will entertain the kids while the adults can have adult time and not be interrupted. After they get their tattoos, they will compare with the other kids and line up again for another one. It happens all the time! And the best part is they will be mesmerized by the sparkles for days to come because the tattoos can last anywhere from 3-7 days!

You can book Tattoo Fun For Everyone for ANY event or one time tattoo services. Please proceed to contact page for inquiries and pricing.

Tattoo Fun For Everyone will travel all over the bay area, wherever smiles and sparkles are needed.

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